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Passing on Love for the Relay of Life

Author:    Source: News and Media Center,   Time: 2020-03-03   Font:【L M S

“Donating my own plasma to help more seriously ill patients recover is the best thing I can do for the national campaign to fight the epidemic,” said Yang Yufei from Langxinming Company of Guodian Technology and Environment Group. “This is my duty as a young man.” At 10:00 on February 27, Yang donated 400ml of plasma, which would be used for the treatment of critically ill patients infected by COVID-19.

Yang Yufei went to Wuhan on January 16 and returned to Beijing by train on January 20. He was diagnosed with mild coronavirus infection at Beijing’s You’an Hospital on January 29 and discharged on February 4 after recovery.

Upon learning from news reports calling on cured patients to donate plasma, Yang immediately contacted You’an Hospital inquiring about related procedures and signed up for plasma donation. On February 20, Yang passed screening and assessment at You’an Hospital, and on February 27 he completed plasma donation.

Yang Yufei makes a plasma donation.

“I wish I can save the lives of more patients,” revealed Yang Yufei. “While hospitalized, the medical staff, leaders at all levels of my company and my colleagues cared and encouraged me a lot, which boosted my confidence in overcoming the disease. I’m so glad to be able to donate plasma successfully.” Now he felt relieved and delighted like never before.

Experts from You’an Hospital expressed appreciation to Yang Yufei for his initiative and selflessness in donating plasma to critically ill patients. Yang’s deed has also been reported by,, Beijing News and many other media outlets.

Yang Yufei’s plasma donation certificate.

Passing on Love for the Relay of Life - 999棋牌,金币棋牌官网,亲友棋牌代理 博评网
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