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China Energy Holds First Video Conference on Poverty Alleviation Work

Author:    Source: News and Media Center   Time: 2020-03-03   Font:【L M S

On February 27, China Energy Poverty Alleviation Working Group held its first video conference in 2020, summarizing the company’s accomplishment of 2019 major tasks of poverty alleviation and making arrangements for poverty alleviation work in 2020. Gao Song, deputy CEO of the group, chaired and addressed the meeting.

Concerning the poverty alleviation work in 2020, Gao Song stressed efforts in consolidating the achievements in industrial poverty alleviation, summarizing the strawberry greenhouse practice experience in Puge County, making a breakthrough in industrial poverty alleviation in Butuo County as soon as possible, and improving the industrial structure of Gangcha County by continuing exploring the experience of modern agricultural greenhouse. He also called for better work to promote ecological poverty alleviation. On the basis of last year’s achievements from the animal husbandry ban at the core of the Yellow River source zone in Qumalai County, he said, the company should cooperate with the county to work out a specific plan for ecological protection in 2020. At the same time, China Energy should help Mizhi, Wubao and Gangcha counties reduce poverty through forest ecosystem construction, striving to achieve dual goals of poverty eradication and ecological development.

Gao also stressed promoting poverty alleviation through education. While efforts continue to prevent and control the epidemic, construction should resume for projects such as Zhumushu Primary School in Puge County, Abu Zelu Primary School in Butuo County, No.2 Primary School in Nierong County, and Nationality High School in Qumalai County. Planning optimization and construction preparations for new projects such as Zemuhe Primary School in Puge County and Zeluo No.2 Primary School in Butuo County, which are among the first group of projects under the Poverty Alleviation Fund Program, should be put on agenda. The company’s Employee Love Fund should be better used and supervised, so that the employees’ donations will truly benefit impoverished students and teachers. The leadership should continue to care for its employees stationed in counties to take up provisional post while enhancing management and organizing rotational training to enhance their capability of poverty alleviation. Measures should be taken to better implement the subsidy policy and promote cadres with outstanding performance by a big margin.

China Energy Holds First Video Conference on Poverty Alleviation Work - 999棋牌,金币棋牌官网,亲友棋牌代理 博评网
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