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‘China Energy Ecological Forest’ Project Kicked Off

Author:    Source: News and Media Center   Time: 2020-03-23   Font:【L M S

On March 12, 2020, the 42nd National Tree Planting Day, China Energy officially launched the “China Energy Ecological Forest” project by planting trees in online and offline forms. The “Ecological Forest” project idea was first proposed at the group’s 2020 work conference, with an aim to actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility. On March 9, the group company examined and approved the 2020 implementation plan of the “Ecological Forest” project and announced the afforestation target of no less than 100,000 mu (about 6,666 hectares) during the 14th Five-year Plan period.

In its initial phase, the project will focus on afforestation in ecological reclamation areas of open-pit mines and coal-mining subsidence areas, areas along the Yellow River, areas around existing factories and mines, and poverty alleviation regions such as Xinjiang, as well as Maowusu Desert and Kubuqi Desert in Inner Mongolia. The 2020 afforestation target is 25,000 mu (about 1,666 hectares), including 16,000 mu (1,066 hectares) in open-pit mine reclamation areas and coal-mining subsidence areas assigned to mining enterprises, 6,000 mu (400 hectares) along the rim of the Ordos Desert assigned to Shendong Coal and Guodian Electric Power, and 3,000 mu (200 hectares) of public welfare forests mainly undertaken by China Energy Public Welfare Foundation.

A lush green landscape of Shendong Coal’s subsidence area after treatment.

To implement the “China Energy Ecological Forest” project, the group company has extensively carried out voluntary afforestation activities. On March 12, the National Tree Planting Day, all of its 340,000 staff members received a proposal from the leadership regarding voluntary tree planting. Under the premise of complying with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, all the employees will participate in voluntary tree planting in batches and at different locales. On the Tree Planting Day, the company’s “online tree planting activity” attracted enthusiastic participation of its employees through scanning a QR code.

Prior to the official launch of the “China Energy Ecological Forest” project, the energy group had planted 17.93 million trees in different places, contributing to a forest area of 115,000 mu (about 7,666 hectares).

‘China Energy Ecological Forest’ Project Kicked Off - 999棋牌,金币棋牌官网,亲友棋牌代理 博评网
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